12/12/15 – Centralized

Sing with me …

“I’m so excited,

I just can’t hide it,

I’m about to drink a Vernors and I think I like it,

Oh Yeah!”

So I changed the words a bit.

I was doing a bit of shopping this morning and wandered into the soda aisle. I wasn’t looking for it, because I’ve never seen it in Wal-marts before, but lo and behold, there it was, calling out to me …


That right there is the “Original Ginger Soda!” Not too crazy about diet, but I bought the regular. 12 packs, too! Hot diggitty!!!

If you’ve lived your life so far and never had a Vernors, then you are sorely missing out on one of the world’s greatest treasures. They’re hard to find, unless you live in Michigan, but well worth the search. I’d offer to send you one, but there’s no way I’m sharing! Call me greedy … but don’t call me Shirley.

My delivery this morning was a live unload. Afterwards, I still did not have a new assignment, so I took the opportunity to get the shopping done, as noted so enthusiastically above.

After I got that done, my next assignment came through. I was to pick up a loaded pumpkin and take it to the Gary, Indiana operating center. That is where I currently sit, typing away.

Indiana is in the central time zone, so you know I’m just tickled pink to be here. Not only that, but I’ll be hanging out in the mid-west for at least a few more days. Life is good.

I have to tell you this next part so you can see how silly my company can be sometimes. The load I am dropping here in Indiana will be relayed by another driver to its final destination. Where is that? Glad you asked. It delivers to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Well,  shortly after picking it up, I received my next assignment. I am to fetch an empty pumpkin here in Indiana and drive it 225 miles to my next load in, are you ready … Green Bay, Wisconsin! Seriously?

So, to re-cap … The company is going to make zero dollars … nada, zilch, zippo … for me to drive to Green Bay Wisconsin. Then they are going to pay another driver to drive to Green Bay, Wisconsin with the load I just dropped off. They are based in Green Bay, I could easily drop it in the operating center there. Not only are they losing money, but you mean to tell me there is no freight closer than Green Bay, Wisconsin? I find that difficult to believe. I’m happy for the miles, believe me, but it doesn’t seem like profitable business planning.

I realize there could be several reasons for them to do this, all of which I won’t bore you with, but it seems silly. This is not a rare case of silliness from them, believe me. But hey, I’m just a dumb ‘ole truck driver, so what do I know? Moving on now …

I’ll be taking the load from Green Bay down to Missouri. I sure do like the sound of Wisconsin and Missouri better than Maine and Massachusetts! Boy oh boy am I a happy trucker right now!

Did I mention I have Vernors?


Tomorrow I’ll travel through Chicagoland to get to Green Bay. It will be Sunday and early morning, so I’m not anticipating much, if any, traffic problems. Cool beans!

The Orioles are busy with their offseason, but I’ll refrain from too many details as things are still fluid with signing players and such. That, and I’m not sure you really care anyway. But you should. It’s the Orioles!

Okey dokey, off to bed for me. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Sorry, but I just don’t have enough space for all of you.

Thanks for stopping by today. I really appreciate the company, but I must insist you put the Vernors back. Yeah, I saw you trying to be sneaky.

A few pics down below now that there is more to see besides asphalt and trees.

Until next time then …






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Justin on the Road

A simple trucker traveling the country, delivering trailers full of stuff and marveling at the beauty of it all. Hop in and let's go for a ride!

4 thoughts on “12/12/15 – Centralized”

  1. They had me deadhead almost 180 miles from Cedar Rapids, IA, to Peoria, IL, today, but that’s because the load is getting me to the house. I’ve bobtailed from Louisville to Woodhaven before. Sometimes this trucking thing is crazy!


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