12/13/15 – Slip’n’Slide

As I was pre-tripping Charlotte this morning, another driver was doing the same to his truck. No word on what he named it.

He told me to be careful if I was heading west as there was a lot of rain. As if on cue, it started to rain. Uncanny. It wound up raining all day. ALL. DAY. LONG. UGH. Still, better than snow and ice. Thankfully it’s been fairly warm the last few days.

I made it through Chicago without any problems. Apparently, Charlotte wasn’t happy with that and felt she needed some excitement.

She was like, “hey Justin, want to see something cool?”

I was like, “Um, not really.”

Charlotte was like, “Oh come on. It’ll be fun!”

I was like, ” ………”

Charlotte was like, “check this out.”

I was like, “check what … whoooaaaaa.”

Charlotte was like, “cool, huh? We’re drifting! Like in that Fast and Furious movie!”

I was like, “whoooooaaaaaaaa!!!!!”

Charlotte was like, “let’s turn all the way around so we can see the back of the pumpkin!”

I was like, “Um, let’s not okay? That would be very bad.”

Charlotte was like, “wheeeeeeeeee.”

I was like, “we’re going to hit that wall in a second!”

Charlotte was like, “nahhh.”

I was like, “yeeeaahhh. Stop goofing off and go straight. Please?”

Charlotte was like, “Do I have to?”

I was like, “If you can, yes. It would be much appreciated.”

Then I was like, “wall. Wall! WAAALLLL!!!!”

Charlotte was like, “calm down you big baby. I’ve got this.”

I was like, “okay, there’s the road. That’s better. Wait. Charlotte. You’ve gone too far!”

Charlotte was like, “who’s driving this thing? I know what I’m doing.”

I was like, “whoooaaa!”

Charlotte was like, “there, see. back going straight. No harm, no foul.”

I was like, “Ummm, don’t do that again, please.”

Charlotte was like, “party pooper!”

The car behind me was like, “that looked fun!”

I’ll just leave that alone now. I think you get the idea of the adventure.

The rest of my day was uneventful. My pick-up in Green Bay was supposed to be a live load, but they had a pre-loaded pumpkin all ready for me when I showed up. YIPPY! I love it when that happens!

I was able to put in 550 miles today. It was my second 500 mile day in the last three, so things are definitely looking up. Have I said how much I like the mid-west. It’s just so much easier to make time and miles out here than the crowded, mountainous east coast.

I’m in Bloomington, Indiana for the night and I’ll deliver this loaded pumpkin to Missouri in the morning. No word yet on where they want me to go, but experience tells me I’ll most likely get a load coming out of the place I’m delivering.  It usually happens that way with that particular customer.

Which brings me to an interesting observation. Do you normal folks have any idea how far things travel before they wind up in your hands? I often take things from one warehouse to another, where it then gets sent to another warehouse, where it gets sent to another warehouse, and so on. It’s crazy how much products move around the country before finding their final destination.

A product could be manufactured right there in the town you live. Then it will get shipped to the manufacturer’s holding storage warehouse. From there it goes to the manufacturers client. That warehouse is another storage facility. Then the product is sold to a distributor, so off it goes again. From there it is sold to a store, so now it’s shipped to the store’s distribution center, where it is separated and loaded for delivery to the actual store where you go and buy it, passing the manufacturer on the way. You buy something that was made a mile away from where you live, but it had to travel 3,000 miles first. And we wonder why things cost so much. Crazy! I guess it’s job security for us truckers.

Alrighty, I’m off to bed now. I’ve had enough excitement for one day. Hopefully Charlotte has had enough excitement for a lifetime. Goodnight all you corny stalkers! You know where to look for a couple pics. Kind of light today.

Until next time then …




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