12/20/15 – Virginia wandering

You miss me? I missed you.

My last stop yesterday had me drop my loaded pumpkin, but there were no empties there. I was assigned an empty pumpkin 60 miles to the west. So, I was bobtailing and since I was passing right by the house, decided to stop for the night. I had some pizza and watched the last episode of “Fargo” on demand. They have done a great job with that show. So many references to the original movie while still making it its own show and story.

Hey, did you all know the Redskins won today? Cool beans, huh?

I left Wytheville yesterday morning and delivered my load to Petersburg. Today I got live loaded in Hopewell, Virginia and now I’m back in Wytheville for the night. Back and forth, back and forth.

I’m currently on my way to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a live unload appointment tomorrow at 1630. (4:30 p.m.)

That gives me Tuesday and Wednesday to make it the 500 miles or so back home for my promised 12/23 arrival. We’ll see how many loads I’ll have to refuse before they get it right. Fingers crossed.

I got some Christmas shopping done online … do they deliver Christmas day? Being a chronic procrastinator really causes problems sometimes, you know?

Okey, dokey, not much else to say tonight.  It’s been a fairly boring couple of days. I guess that’s probably a good thing for a truck driver.

Thanks for stopping by as I pass the time trying to get to Christmas. Now back to your wrapping.

Some photos of Virginia mountains, farmland and the city of Richmond can be found below. And of course, sky. Anyone tired of looking at pictures of the sky yet? Before you answer, consider this … I don’t really care. It’s my blog and I like sky, so there! (hey, that rhymes!)

Until next time then …





6th street





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