12/21/15 – One more load

Hello there and welcome to today’s edition of “A guy, his truck and his imaginary friends.” Technically, they’re not imaginary. I mean, Phil really is a coffee cup, he just doesn’t actually talk to me. Or does he?

I only had to refuse one load today. They wanted me in Pennsylvania on the 23rd, which is the day I was promised to be home. I looked at it, and I could have made it fine by early morning, but when I asked if they had a plan to get me home from there, well, no they didn’t.

Tonight I’m just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I got another load that will send me to South Boston, Virginia for a live unload at 0800 on the 23rd. From there, I’ll travel home. First, though, they need to find somewhere for me to drop off my empty pumpkin. It doesn’t quite fit in my driveway. Actually, it doesn’t come anywhere close to fitting.

I was thinking the other day …. I know, I know, it’s very dangerous …. about the holidays and all the packages traveling around this country. If you stop to wonder for a minute, you’ll surely be amazed at the logistics of it all. Just don’t call me Shirley. (I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself.)

You press some buttons on a computer, or even more amazing, your phone. Invisible signals are sent into space, satellites re-align, aliens dodge ray guns, …. okay, the alien part I made up. Continuing … Signals are sent back to earth, computer programs come to life, orders are generated, product is picked and packaged, trucks are loaded, freight is hauled, trucks are unloaded, orders are seperated and arranged, smaller trucks are loaded, deliveries are made, and suddenly there is a knock at your door.

That super, duper, extra special present you ordered just a day or two ago is now at your door step. Amazing, isn’t it?

You know what? It couldn’t be done without truck drivers. Or the people in the warehouses, the dock workers, the delivery drivers and so many more. This time of year is when these types of people really shine. You’ll never notice them and they won’t get anything special. They’re all just doing their jobs.

They make their living doing the things that keep a nation working, keep the water running, the lights burning, the dishes washed at the restaurants, the grass mowed at the park and so many other things we all take for granted and rarely see accomplished because these folks do it all quietly and as invisible as possible.

I have always looked up to these people. They are the backbone of this country and I’ve always felt most comfortable amongst them. There’s a certain pride to be had for doing a job well and for most of these folks, that has to be the most motivating reason to get up and go to work every day because the pay is not usually very substantial.

“What the hell is he rambling on about now,” you ask? Well, I guess my point is this. Instead of cutting off that slow truck on the highway, give them some room, let them do their job, and throw them a wave in appreciation of what they do for you.

That construction worker on the side of the road? Move over and give them some space. Maybe tip your waiter or waitress a little more, so they have more to share with the busboys and dishwashers. Thank your UPS or FEDEX driver for delivering that package to your door at 5:00 p.m. Christmas eve instead of being with their family. Tip your hat to the cops on patrol every holiday. Take some cookies to the firemen who are standing by, waiting to rescue your house after you set the kitchen on fire.

Just try to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you and that all those people that you might look down on or get in your way are really out there working their butts off for you. They don’t necessarily want accolades or anything special, they just want to be able to do their jobs and go home to their families, just like you. Try to take it easy on them, will ya?

Okay, I’m done. And I’m done for the night. I’m going to chow down on this yummy Subway sandwich and go to bed. I should get royalties for mentioning Subway, don’t you think? Just saying.

I’ve got a couple pics down below. I hope you are all well and I truly appreciate you taking time away from your holiday mayhem to check in on little ‘ole me.

Until next time then …






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Justin on the Road

A simple trucker traveling the country, delivering trailers full of stuff and marveling at the beauty of it all. Hop in and let's go for a ride!

2 thoughts on “12/21/15 – One more load”

  1. i sure hope you are enjoying your Christmas, Justin….much deserved!~ We had the eve and the day off..been rolling since.. OFF New Year’s instead. Cool, eh?



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