12/29/15 – Stuck

Happy after Christmas! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and now you’re all ready to resume normal life again. I’m still accepting gifts, though, just in case you thought you missed out. There’s no deadline for me, I’ll take presents all year long!

I was up and ready to go, behind the wheel at 0430 this morning, ready to get back to the grind and hit the road. You know who wasn’t ready? Charlotte. Oh she started up just fine, but then she got stubborn and refused to move.

I tried to coax her to get to work, talking nice and stroking her ego, but she really dug her heels in. Literally! I had parked her on the gravel, but with several days of rain, she kind of sunk as the ground beneath her dipped with her weight.

I rocked her back and forth, but to no avail. All I did was dig holes and bury her front tire. I dug and filled gravel, jacked up wheels as far as I could to put gravel underneath, but she was being quite stubborn and nothing was working.

To make a long story short, my Jeep winched her from the front while my son’s old 4-runner pushed from the back and by 0800 or so, Charlotte finally decided to get to work. She reeeeeaaaallly wasn’t ready to go back, I guess. Stubborn girl.

So, now I was about 4 hours behind where I wanted to be for the day. No biggie, just a bit frustrating. I gave Charlotte a nice long talking to about work times and schedules and important things like that. She’s like a teenager, though. She was like, “Whatever!”

At least Phil was happy to see me. It had been a long time and he was feeling a bit neglected, so I got him 3 fills today. He’s quite content now … at least until morning time. Funny how that works.

I picked up a new load from Williamsburg, Virginia and I’m headed to New York, just east of Syracuse. I’ll get there tomorrow and swap pumpkins and then scoot to a truck stop. Hopefully one that’s a little bigger than this extremely tight Flying J I’m in tonight. I managed to squeeze Charlotte and her loaded pumpkin into a cozy little spot, though. On asphalt. She’ll have to find another excuse if she’s feeling lazy tomorrow.

I’m hoping to get out of the northeast quickly. My new, full-time dispatcher doesn’t show up until January 11th, so I’m still playing dispatcher merry-go-round as different people cover every day. It’s hard to get on the same page that way, so I look forward to getting the new guy in and working out all the kinks so the company and myself are both happy and can be productive.

Not too many pics today, but a few for down below. Take a gander!

Thanks for checking in and I hope everyone had a great holiday. I appreciate that you didn’t forget about me and the gang!

Until next time then …






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