12/31/15 – Closing it out

Over 100 people gather just to the south east of Buffalo, New York mere hours before the clock strikes midnight and brings in a new year.

Are they ready to celebrate? Maybe gathering in circles, drinks in hand as they reminisce over the past year? Are they all wearing funny hats with noise makers at the ready for midnight?

The answer to these questions are no. Here at this nice, big Flying J, some are asleep, others fuel and still others dine in the Denny’s before taking a rest after a long day of trucking. Oh, sure, some have televisions and might watch that famous shining ball drop that’s become synonymous with New Year’s Eve. For most of us, though, it’s just another night.

I am happy to be parked and off the road for the night. For all of you making your living driving at night, make sure to be extra cautious out there. Keep alert and prepared for the crazies and stay safe.

My day was spastic, going all over New York state chasing empty pumpkins and phantom loads. I finally got loaded late this afternoon and I am headed to Ohio, where I will exchange this load for another and then scoot down towards North Carolina.

Seeing as it’s the end of the year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from this year. I’ve only been doing this blog since October, but I’ve managed to accumulate a ridiculous amount of photos. Check out some of the better ones ….

On October 27th, I rounded a corner and was a bit surprised to see that the low clearance warnings I had seen were not for a bridge or overpass, but rather a mountain.


I’ll never forget the morning of October 30th when I came out of a truck stop and walked to my truck, only to turn around and see the most amazing sun rise. It literally left me breathless for a minute before I could grab my camera and take a picture.

10-30 2

Later that same day, I had the rare pleasure of having some spare time and no pumpkin attached. It was right in the middle of the World Series and I was in Kansas City. The games had shifted to New York, but I decided to go check out Kauffman Stadium. I’m a baseball fan, in case you didn’t know. I actually got chased away by security after getting some stadium pictures.


On November first, I found myself wandering around Kentucky. You all remember what town is in Kentucky, right? It’s sooo fun to say, join me and say it out loud …


By the tenth of November, I was firmly back in the mid-west. With flat land as far as the eye can see, there is nothing to slow the winds. In some places, the windmills go on forever in every direction. I really like this picture.


By now, you should all know my infatuation with the sky. It is such an amazing and wondrous sight, never failing to let a day go by without leaving me in awe. On November 12th, the clouds and sun raged in a battle all day.


The battle continued into the next morning, neither giving up their fight.


On November 14th, I shared with you a little about the Ohio bicentennial barns. There is at least one in every county in the state and they were all painted by one man. Amazing!


On November 23rd, the first snow of the year graced Wisconsin and I was there to see it.


Before I got home for Thanksgiving, I had fun playing with the sepia tone feature. I kind of like how this shot came out.


Well, that pretty much takes us through November. I need to get to sleep so I’ll share some favorites from December tomorrow to start 2016.

Thanks for reading the past few months. I hope you’ve enjoyed riding along as I wander around this beautiful country.

Enjoy your celebrations bringing in the new year, but please, if you celebrate a little too much, stay where you are or find a designated driver. Remember, some of us are out there just trying to make a living and we’d really rather not have to dodge drunk drivers. Stay safe folks!

Until next year then … (see what I did there?)


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Justin on the Road

A simple trucker traveling the country, delivering trailers full of stuff and marveling at the beauty of it all. Hop in and let's go for a ride!

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