1/14/16 – Winter Wonderland

Hi there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Did you miss me?

I’ve been gallivanting all over the north, with a quick stop in Virginia and one in Kentucky. Otherwise, it’s been New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and northern Ohio for the past week or so. By the way, did you know it’s winter?

I must say, 7 degrees fahrenheit is friggin’ cold! Like really, really cold! Like super duper frozen tundra kind of cold! Like … well, you get the idea.

So, what have you all been up to lately? Is everyone back to work, back to school and back to normal life routines?

I have had my fair share of fun times lately. For instance, I went to South Kearny, New Jersey (you can see NYC from there) to pick up a loaded pumpkin to find it frozen to the ground …

icy legs

The ice was so thick, even when I was able to finally get Charlotte under and attached (it took 3 tries) the ice wouldn’t break. There was over 40,000 pounds in that pumpkin!

So, after some muscle workouts to get the landing gear raised out of the ice, I eased us out of the spot, Charlotte’s wheels spinning for all they were worth. It’s amazing what some gravel and a couple boards under the tires will do.

I did hit some snow the other day that made me less than comfortable, so I shut down early when I found a nice cozy spot. I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating … nothing I haul is worth driving on crappy roads. Period. Here’s my view at the truck stop shortly after I stopped …


It could have been a lot worse than it was. I was in Pennsylvania, but I heard that Indiana got hit hard and fast. There were several bad accidents, including two that shut down the interstates. The next day, my instincts to shut down were confirmed as I saw at least 5 tractor trailer accidents that had been cleared from the roadways, but left until later to be recovered. It’s just not worth trying to plow through it. Call me a pansy or fair-weather trucker or any other name you might want, I really don’t care. I just know I don’t want to end up like this …


It hasn’t been all bad, though. Despite the snow and being on the New York/New Jersey shuttle, there has been some brilliant scenery along the way. Be prepared for sky pictures. 🙂



sky 1


So you see, I’m still enjoying the views out here. There is almost always at least one moment, every day, that makes me stop and appreciate my “office view.” Well, I don’t actually stop. That could get dangerous out on the interstates. Just saying.

Here’s a cool picture I call “Foggy Cows” …

foggy cows

I was supposed to be going to Charlotte, North Carolina tomorrow to have maintenance done on Charlotte, but despite having a week to plan a way for me to get there, the company says there is no freight going in that direction. Now I am headed to Chicago, Illinois and will have my maintenance done in Indiana. Not a huge deal, I just get tired of the poor planning from the company’s end.

Which brings me to my next topic. If you can’t tell by reading the blog, I am less than happy with the company where I work. There are just too many negatives that keep piling up to want to stay much longer.

I enjoy driving a truck, but I have begun to ask myself if maybe I couldn’t enjoy the best parts about it on weekend road trips, without dealing with the negatives of the industry. This is such a beautiful country and I really love seeing it while shifting through the gears of a big rig, but I’m starting to wonder if maybe the shine is wearing off a bit.

Perhaps another company will provide the answers for me, but I don’t want to wind up hopping from company to company looking for the right fit. I’m doing some research, and even considering the pro’s and con’s of buying my own truck, so stay tuned as Justin tries to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up!

How’d you like the video from the last post? Kind of corny, I know. I’ll try to put another one together sometime soon, but it definitely won’t be a daily occurrence. It takes way too much time and work to put together and get loaded. Part of that is my slow computer and limited internet, both of which could be remedied, but for now we’ll just work on it occasionally while I figure out if it’s worth it. What’s your thoughts???

Okay, I’ve blabbered enough for today. (that rhymes!) Thanks for remembering that I was still here. Hope you all are doing well out there in this great big world.

I’ve got a few more pictures for you, so take a gander down south.

Until next time then …

barnold housewaterfall2



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3 thoughts on “1/14/16 – Winter Wonderland”

  1. JUSTIN! GOSH… i’ve been worried about you.. i’m the Anne from Anne and Tom; the ones who post here. I wondered if something “awry” happened, or .. sheesh! I understand your frustration with the co. . . . we almost went that route, but for a 5 y.o. UaCd it didn’t work… God works in his ways. I’m sorry you are frustrated and I / we get that. If you want to email me or txt me; here it is: amery2umom@gmail.com, or 419-five-four-five-1577. . . I FOLLOW you religiously and respect you man. . . we both are drivers.. Tom, almost 20 years .. me, five. Yeah, we are 50-ish, but… still kicking! I / we feel like we know ya thru your journeys, and sure missed you for these 2 weeks!! THERE ARE better opportunities around the corner with your experience and patience; and your perils and triumphs show you’ve got the gumption to do it. Don’t give up trucking, man… you got this. Not many can, and the industry NEEDS dedicated souls like YOU! Frustration understood. Totally. May be time to “jump” ship (to shinola,) but . . . . your dedication and professionalism is so coveted in this industry that is falling to pieces. Hope this is “SNAZZY” enough. You rock. Glad you still have the wheels on the ground; so much has happened with the weather in our area(s), one never knows.
    Keep in touch, however you hold the wheel. Keep “PHIL” filled, and Charlotte happy. I so LOVE your “pseudo-pygmalionisms” . . . . I’D do it to, if I were allowed to fly SOLO!!!
    The world is your fortress, as you see fit.
    Hope you keep on keeping on, driver. Kudos.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. Definitely time to move on from this company. I knew it was coming anyway. They have that front end collision radar on all their new trucks. Charlotte doesn’t have it, but I’ve driven others that have. I refuse to ever drive another one. If all trucks go to it, I guess I’ll have to find something else to do. Just taking it a day at a time right now. Thanks again for following along!


  2. Especially love the barn pictures at the end Love the sky pictures,too. Ok lets be honest I love all the puctures.
    So glad you are back & doing good.


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