1/18/16 – Heat wave in KY

Hello again. Glad you could make it today.

Guess what? It’s still cold. The temperature hovered between 0 and 3 degrees for most of today. As I sit here tonight in Georgetown Kentucky, Charlotte tells me it’s 20. Hey, a heat wave!

For the mid west, I’ve been hearing warmer temperatures into the 30’s in the next couple of days. (shorts and flip flop weather!) Some snow showers and then dropping temperatures for the weekend. I don’t know where I’ll be going after I deliver tomorrow, so I’m not sure where to look for weather. It’s a surprise!

How’s your weather?

It was a pretty boring day, all in all, but a nice one. Despite the cold, it was beautiful out, again with clear roads and minimal traffic. A good day to be trucking!

I went over the Ohio river today. It must not have been as cold as it has been in Iowa, as the Ohio was flowing freely …



Once I hit Kentucky, the roads started to go up and down and the views were blocked by lots of trees. Both sure signs I’m getting closer to the east coast. For most of the day, though, it was wide open spaces …

wide open

I love how the snow fills in between the field rows. A simple thing, but I like it. It looks nifty.

There’s really not much more for today. We only drove about 350 miles and settled in a funky little Pilot for the night. We’ll deliver in the morning and see where we go from there.

Oh, I will tell you that my new dispatcher finally showed up. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but he doesn’t sound promising. His first message was filled with poor spelling, poor grammar and words like “mandatory” and “directives.” Hmmm … sounds like somebody might be trying to show us drivers who’s sheriff. We’ll see … open mind, right?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by tonight, or tomorrow or whenever you get around to this amazing account of a day in my life. I really do appreciate it. Don’t forget to check out more pictures down below … yes, there’s some sky pictures. Deal with it.

Until next time then …






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Justin on the Road

A simple trucker traveling the country, delivering trailers full of stuff and marveling at the beauty of it all. Hop in and let's go for a ride!

4 thoughts on “1/18/16 – Heat wave in KY”

  1. Hope all is still well with you, man. Email me sometime. I understand your situation. Check out Fab Express ( I think they hire in your area ) It’s a lot more local / regional, and you can use us as a reference and get a sign-on bonus. You’ve got enough experience; they don’t hire newbies. Miss your updates, but totally understand. Did the megas years ago; the hell and hiatus was barely worth the pay. I get it.
    Anne & Tom


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